TFM May Have Gotten This Spring Breaker Arrested

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Nice Move

Did We Get This Dude Arrested?

Last Thursday, we posted the below video of a Gulf Shores spring breaker throwing a football from a crowd of people and nailing a police vehicle seemingly 100 yards away.

Since posting the video, it has been liked 22,000 times, shared like crazy, and has been viewed close to 400,000 times. It went mainstream, but unfortunately for Kameron, the guy with the howitzer for a right arm, the Gulf Shores PD got wind of it.

They identified Kameron from the video and issued a warrant for his arrest.

Well, shit. That’s our bad, Kameron. We sincerely apologize, and to show you how sorry we are, our own Ross Bolen has promised to cover your bail.

Seriously. Hit us up.


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