TFM Regular Will Get TFM Logo Tattooed On His Ass For $250

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Nice Move

From GoFundMe:

If we hit the goal I will get a combination of the current TFM logo & the TFM sailboat tattooed on my butt. Whoever donates the most gets to choose which buttcheek gets the tattoo.

Here’s my hope: I’m hoping that this guy posted this as a joke, thinking no one in their right minds would donate their (or their parents’) hard-earned money to some random internet stranger for something so trivial as an ass tat. “It’ll be funny,” he likely thought. “No one will contribute. I’m just an internet funny guy.” Well, thus far, no one has, and the gag is currently on life support.

Let’s change that, though. Let’s make sure he — @KYBlackOut on Twitter — gets permanently marked with the former TFM logo. I encourage you to donate just one dollar. All we’ll need is 250 of you to contribute.

If you all follow through, I will do everything in my power to ensure we obtain photographic evidence to prove your money was properly spent.

CLICK HERE to donate now.

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 3.36.52 PM

[via GoFundMe]



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