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Nice Move

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Every week, we get hundreds of user comments on the site. Some are terrible, uninspired, and embarrassing, but others are flat-out amazing. Every week, we will be highlighting the latter and shaming the former. Below are the best comments from this week.

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Thank you for letting us know, Pug Enthusiast.

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Cosby’s account name is even better than Nelly’s “Netflix and Grills” and George Foreman’s “Netflix and Grills2” (Foreman got pretty pissed at Nelly, led to quite a fracas).

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You PC, University of Idaho?

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We got lunch catered to the office yesterday and I can confirm he did request this substitution.

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Stimulating conversation. I’m gonna have to side more with Barry on this one.


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I don’t care what the “^ This” count says, I thoroughly enjoyed this story.

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*Cough* He’s from Philly *Cough*


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