TFM’s Official Ranking Of The Top Party Schools In America For 2016

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Nice Move


I think it’s about time we start ranking schools based on what matters most: the education. HA! Fuck that, no one wants to see me rank which Ivy League schools are better at pumping out nerds. Let’s talk about partying. We all do it, but some do it better than others. Without partying, there is no fun — just a bunch of learning. Gross. Sure, you could study your dick off in the library, never having any sort of social interaction with anyone, then become a wealthy, but lonely, lawyer or doctor. That’s not the life you want to live, though. Be a real American and go to school while raging until your face falls off.

So what school rages harder than the rest? I’m here to settle the score. Spoiler alert: your school probably didn’t make the list.

Honorable Mention: Southern California, University of Illinois, University of Colorado, Florida, Arkansas, University Of Texas, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Texas Tech University, Colorado State University, Iowa State University

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