The 10 Best TFM Original Videos Of 2015

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Nice Move


We’re a bunch of goddamn Spielbergs over here, crankin’ out fancy videos with fancy lighting and whatnot on the regular. Here are our most-viewed original cinematic masterpieces of the year. You kids really like your Exec Board, don’t ya?

Exec Board Episode 1: Risk Management

Exec Board, Episode 2: Incorrect Politicalness

Exec Board, Episode 3: Courting Trouble

Exec Board, Episode 4: Minutes & Anals

Exec Board, Episode 5: Mis and/or Phil-anthropy (Part 1)

Exec Board, Episode 6: Mis and/or Phil-anthropy (Part 2)

Exec Board, Episode 7: Pledge Education Reforms

Exec Board, Episode 8: Probational Incorrectness

Exec Board, Episode 9: Fratfields & McCoys

Exec Board, Episode 10: Knockout Punch

Best Of The Rest:

Guys Draw Their Perfect Boobs

TFM Interviews Sorority Girl Turned Porn Star Carter Cruise

Shacker Slasher

Sexting, And How To Do It

TFM and the Bryan Bros Battle It Out in Golf Pong

Legends of Intramural: Donnie “Beer Shits” Martin


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