The 10 Frattest College Football Coaches

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Nice Move

In no particular order…

Derek Dooley


Hello there, inferiors. My name is Derek Dooley and my swoop is flawless. Before I decided to embark on coaching college football, I was busy putting GDIs in jail for the fun of it. Damn right, I effectively combined two of the most frat professions in life, law and college football. Is it a coincidence that I coach at Tennessee and my son is named Peyton? Hell no. It’s called tradition. I take pride that the Vols are the only decent athletic program in the entire state. If you don’t agree, I’ll sue you on false pretenses.



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    Hazing Hotline

    I know he’s not a head coach but Bud Foster Va Techs defensive coordinator belongs on the list. He’s a raging coke head, alcoholic, womanizer and his defense has been hazing the ACC for years.

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      Dan Mullen

      Houston Nutt is to busy losing games at TSUN to even be considered on this list. Mississippi is Dan Mullen’s state and that doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon.

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    Fraternity Man

    Howard Schnellenberger sucks dick.


    OU fans and current students old enough to remember 1995.

    P.S. Stoops belongs on this list. Listen to him haze retarded local media sometime, it’s good stuff. Plus he terrorized the Big XII and Clappy Mack’s favorite-playing ass for most of last decade.

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      Tijuana Frats

      Bob Stoops= 6-6 in bowls all time 3-5 in BCS bowls. Howard Schnellenberger= 6-0 in bowl games and 3-0 in what would be BCS bowls if they were called that then, including being offensive coordinator for the undefeated dolphins while Stoops bitch ass was still in pop warner. The pipe outfrats Stoops any day of the week in any category.

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  3. 1

    Call me fucking crazy, but where the fuck is the mad fratter Les Miles? If you disagree that he should be on the list, you, my friend, can chug a bottle of bleach and play hide and go fuck yourself

    ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 4 years ago

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