The 20 Most Fun Colleges In America According To Business Insider

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Everyone who enjoys their college experience thinks their alma mater is the most fun school in America. College years are the consensus best 4-7 years of life, after all. Why would we spend them somewhere we don’t love?

This fun can be hard to quantify, but Business Insider thinks they’ve found the formula with which it can be measured. Without further ado, I present the list:

20. University of Notre Dame
19. University of Missouri
18. University of Wisconsin-Madison
17. Virginia Tech
16. University of Kansas
15. University of Mississippi
14. DePauw University
13. University of Georgia
12. Lehigh University
11. Kansas State University
10. University of California, Santa Barbara
9. Ohio University
8. Florida State University
7. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
6. Clemson University
5. West Virginia University
4. Syracuse University
3. University of Florida
2. University of Iowa
1. Pennsylvania State University – University Park

My three observations:

1. DeVry isn’t on this list, which is pretty fucked up. I guess it doesn’t include chain universities. We aren’t all online. We have actual campuses, dicks.

2. The student in the picture the list uses for West Virginia University is exactly what you’d expect a student at West Virginia University to look like.


3. UW-Madison is rated way too low. 18? That’s pretty bogus. I’m not even biased at all. (Author’s note: I am incredibly biased)

In the end, I’d just ignore this list, folks. What school do you go to? Because that one’s the most fun.

Unless you’re in high school.

[via Business Insider]


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Nice Move

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