The 40 Greatest Boobs Of Our Generation

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Nice Move

Ever since the first caveman got a little feelsky in exchange for a mammoth steak, boobs have taken the world’s attention span by storm. Boobs have always commanded a major role in history, and even the pop culture that surrounds us today is nothing more than a glorified mammary gland showcase. What follows are 40 of the most important boobs of our generation, regardless of size (and sometimes even attractiveness). You may not know all of these boobs by heart, but it’s safe to say that they’ve all touched you (emotionally) at one point or another.

Kate Upton

Photo Credit: GQ
Do I even have to say anything? It’s a TFM column about boobs, and I’m a whore for traffic. Of course she was going to be first on the list.



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    • -14

      ^^Glad somebody got to this before me. Seriously, let’s look at actual quality versus status and/or notoriety.

      About half of this list is based on anything but actual breast quality. It’s supposed to be women who are tricked into thinking someone or something is attractive based on its status. As men I had hoped we were a little better than that. But apparently not.

      Not to say I expected better.

      ^ ThisTake a lapReply • 3 years ago

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