The Best Covers From Jess Greenberg And Her Large Breasts In Honor Of Her 20th Birthday

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Nice Move

Jess Greenberg is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. She’s the girl pictured below with the lips and the tits. She also happens to be a musician who has a YouTube channel, on which she covers classic rock music. Today is Jess’s twentieth birthday. She announced it to the world with this fire Instagram picture:

Flawless. In honor of her birthday, I have compiled some of her best covers for your viewing pleasure. If you look really closely, you may even notice that there is a guitar present.

“Highway To Hell” – AC/DC

“Gold On The Ceiling” – The Black Keys

“Pride And Joy” – Stevie Ray Vaughan

“Wanted Dead Or Alive” – Bon Jovi

“Rock And Roll” – Led Zeppelin

“Long Train Running” – Doobie Brothers

“Seven Nation Army” – The White Stripes

“Under The Bridge” – Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Miss You” – Rolling Stones

Happy birthday, Jess. Hope it’s as titillating as your videos.


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