The Bloods Are Apparently Targeting University Of Houston Sorority Members For An Initiation Kill

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A major gang is potentially targeting sorority girls in the Houston area for its “initiation kill,” according to multiple tips provided to TFM.

Students at the University of Houston are being told to be extra cautious this week after rumors of a gang threat surfaced over the weekend. Panhellenic reps have been warning girls to steer clear from identifying themselves as sorority members until the threat dies down:

Bloods in Houston have been tasked with killing a sorority woman in order to be initiated into the gang so if you have your letters on your car please take them off! I would not wear shirts with your letters either if you are in Houston. Please spread the word, you could be saving a sisters life!!! Stay safe everyone.


Another tipster told Grandex that cars were spotted on Sunday night circling Bayou Oaks, the Greek Life housing area at UH.

A spokesman for the Houston Police Department told Grandex she was unaware of any impending gang threats against sorority women, but said specific campus police departments may have issued warnings as a precautionary measure. The University of Houston Police Department was unavailable for comment.

Houston is home to multiple universities, including Houston, Rice, Texas Southern, Houston Baptist and St. Thomas. It is unclear whether or not this threat was specific to UH only, or if it applied to all campuses.

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