The Butt On This Mexican News Lady Is Setting The Internet On Fire

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Nice Move

I don’t understand why all weather people don’t look exactly like this. TV weather people should be 100% women, and they should all have asses that fill a dress like this. TV is all about ratings, right? The more people who watch your program, the more ad dollars you pull in, no? That’s how television works I’m pretty sure. Why news station execs aren’t in meetings right now cooking up a strategy to put asses like this on their show blows my mind. Sex sells. It always has and it always will. It’s the easiest call in the world.

You put some WASPy 30-year-old dude or an overweight middle-aged man out there and your ratings are going to come back flat every time, especially with how technology has progressed and the weather forecast is readily available on your iPhone. That’s bad business. You put a bomb Latina out there with a tailor made ass in a skin-tight dress and you’re retiring at 45 and disappearing into the sunset on a yacht. Fire up the green screen and fill wardrobe with a million miniskirts and tight dresses. Easy money.

Her name is Yanet Garcia, by the way, and I can’t understand a word she’s saying.

You think there’s even one straight guy in Monterrey who doesn’t know what the weather is doing today?

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