VIDEO: The Cleanest Slow-Mo Left Hook You’ll Ever See By A Kid In An Uncle Sam Hat

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Nice Move

A tipster sent the below video to me today with this caption:

A couple fraternities at UTSA, ATO TKE & Kappa sig, had a pool party yesterday and one of the ATOs clocks this kid that’s rushing. The videos awesome.

The video, while you have to feel for the guy getting clocked, is pretty awesome. It shows a scrawny, white kid in an Uncle Sam hat absolutely UNLOADING a left hook on an unsuspecting fraternity rushee. Sucker punch, such a hoe ass move.


How about his boy coming up right behind him to clean up his mess? Hey, slick, the dude is out cold. Might even be dead. How about you put those upper-cuts away? When you have to bend down to throw a punch at someone’s face, on account of their body plummeting toward earth, that’s a pretty good sign that maybe you shouldn’t be throwing that punch. Maybe instead just let him fall to the ground and hope to regain consciousness one day — followed by weeks of eating through a straw, of course.

It’s fun to visualize what the police sketch of the suspect would look like for this one. He dips out so chill-like, too. Wow. Just a subtle retreat out of harm’s way. That’s a sucker puncher’s dip.

Oh damn, I think I found the pool party.

Come relax by the pool this Sunday with your two favorite fraternities, but look out for the skinny kid in the Uncle Sam lid throwing haymakers!


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