The Creepiest, Most Fucked Up Thing You’ll Hear Today Involves Casey Anthony, Naturally

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Nice Move

Remember that time Casey Anthony murdered her daughter Caylee and got away with it? Yeah, well so does Casey Anthony, and not just because she cry-laughs herself to sleep every night thinking about how she evaded justice. According to the Huffington Post, Casey Anthony has a more physical reminder in the form of a locket containing some of her daughter’s ashes. This is presumably in the tradition of crazed Vietnam soldiers who wore necklaces adorned with the ears of VietCong guerillas that they had killed. Apparently Anthony wears the necklace at all times, and gets really upset when you jokingly refer to it as a Horcrux.

The locket was a gift from Anthony’s mother Cindy, who wears a matching necklace also containing Caylee’s ashes. Anthony appreciated her mother’s gift and said that it “…was the way the Anthony women would be together forever,” according to an unnamed friend of Anthony who is too nice to openly avoid hanging out with her after the murder trial.


Rob Fox

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