The Crowd at the Miami Hurricanes Home Opener Could Be Heard from Tallahassee

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Nice Move

All 426 of them went absolutely apeshit.

The above photo is not photoshopped, and it was taken as the Miami Hurricanes took the field for their home opener against Bethune-Cookman on Saturday. Now, it’s natural to lose some enthusiasm when your team finds the loss column for the first time, and I know it’s tough to get jazzed up for Bethune-Cookman, but Kansas State may have just ruined the 2012 season for many of Miami’s feeble-minded fans. They knocked a lot of the shine off this team after dismantling them a week ago, but this is just sad.

Bill and Gary, next door neighbors for 10 years in a modest Miami suburb, spotted each other from three sections over while they were settling in before the game. From their own seats, they caught up and carried on a conversation about the wives, kids, and work for the first quarter and a half. No one seemed to mind.

  • [H/T to Fratsolutely]
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  • [image via Michael Casagrande of the Sun Sentinel]



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