The First Photo Ever Put on the Internet Has Been Found, and it’s Way Too Perfect

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Nice Move

Well, I guess it would have been more perfect if it was of some midgets getting railed by a donkey with a kitten planking on top of it, but this is the next best thing. Why is the photo perfect? Because it’s like 90% of the photos I see posted to the internet in 2012, a couple girls dressed up and posing in a sorority squat. Granted the women in this photo are European, but whatever, it might as well have been taken at a pregame in 1992.

The first photograph ever uploaded to the internet was tracked down by the website MotherBoard. You can read the whole story of the photo, which was uploaded twenty years ago next week, on their site. Suffice it to say it’s, um, interesting.

But without further ado, here’s the first photograph ever put online:

It was Photoshopped from this:

There are the first butts ever put on the internet gentleman, so tell me, would you pee? (Left to right: Yes, Yes, No, Yes).


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