The Fraternity Experience In .gif Form

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Nice Move

Those turds next door took your tailgate spot.


Your first drunken, late-night conversation with a pledge brother.


When you’re dancing at formal.

When you scream at a pledge to get you something, he’s all…


When a brother is about to do something that can only end in injury or arrest.


How sorority girls see you.


How you see yourself.


How you see the pledges.


When a GDI is trying to butt in on your conversation.


That moment when you know she’s coming back to your room.


When a pledge wakes you up for class.


After sending out the “party at the house right now” mass text to every sorority girl in your phone.


You won three straight games of beer pong.


Street bums started fighting right as you walk out of the bar at close.


On the bus to spring break.


That magical moment when you and your buddy are on the same page on the dance floor.


When getting ready to barfight a GDI.


Friday lunch stories at the house.


This speaks for itself.


Your general attitude towards pretty much everything.




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