Director’s Cut Spoof For Infamous Alabama Alpha Phi Recruitment Video Includes Hilarious, Inappropriate Commentary

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Nice Move

This Director's Comments Spoof Of The Alabama Alpha Phi Video Is The Best Thing You'll See All Week

When Alpha Phi at Alabama posted one of the hottest recruitment videos that I’ve seen to date, they had no idea how much national backlash it would receive, probably because there was literally nothing wrong about it. I mean, how can you hate on a sorority for being hot and white? Just doesn’t make sense.

What were those filmmakers thinking? Shame on them, right? Just kidding, we should be sending them gift baskets or some shit for producing this gold. Funny or Die made the below video spoofing what the film’s creators would say. They provided some A+ commentary.

They bring up some solid points. I saw multiple brunettes in the vid, plus one black guy. These girls are just a bunch of stallions gleaming with sex appeal, who these guys want you to know are not racist.

Let the girls live. Free Alpha Phi.


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