The “Hookers And Cocaine” Powerball Guy Actually Has A Wife And 2 Kids

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Nice Move


Remember the Nevada man who gave the realest answer ever when asked what he would do if he won the Powerball jackpot? Turns out that he didn’t expect the thing to go viral and issued an apology after causing quite a ruckus in the internet world.

From Daily Mail:

So the shopper from Primm, Nevada, has apologized for what he said, and has revealed he is a married father-of-two.

The man also went on to say that he just gave the interviewer a dumb answer to a dumb question, and that if he did win the jackpot, he wouldn’t actually spend the money on hookers and cocaine.

Listen, I know that that’s what he’s saying right now. But that’s just because you gotta save face if you’re him. Just last week, he was minding his own business, buying a lotto ticket, when his whole life changed in a matter of moments. Boom, he’s now forever known as the hookers and cocaine guy. Knowing he didn’t want that rep back at his HOA meetings or, god forbid, in the local parent-teacher circuit, he knew he had to do something.

So what do you do? You backtrack, of course. Make the wife happy. Classic PR move.

We all know what he’d do with the money, though. He already told us.

[via Daily Mail]

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