The Kent State Blood-Spattered Sweatshirt From Urban Outfitters Probably Wasn’t A Good Idea, Says History

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Nice Move

On May 4, 1970, four unarmed Kent State students were killed protesting military action in Cambodia during the Vietnam War. In 13 seconds, the Ohio National Guard fired 67 bullets at the protestors. It sparked national outrage. You probably learned about it in a history class at some point in high school or college. It became known as the Kent State Massacre.

Urban Outfitters, basically a vintage Goodwill that plays Lana Del Ray on loop, does not give a shit about history. Here is the new Kent State blood-spattered sweatshirt the retailer offered for $129, then retracted after warranted backlash:


It could be a publicity stunt, though I don’t know what kind of company wants to be known for aggressively offensive sweatshirts, even if that market is currently untapped. If this is the shit that Urban Outfitters is green-lighting, what doesn’t make it on the shelves? The “9/11 was an inside job” throw pillow set? The Hurricane Katrina graphic tee?

After finally realizing its mistake, Urban Outfitters released an official apology statement:

Jesus. This is why I exclusively shop at Sports Authority.


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