The Maryland KA Fall 2014 Housing Draft Destroys All Other Drafts

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Nice Move

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Housing decisions are a time-honored fraternity tradition that many of us are used to. Housing points, chapter positions, and good, old-fashioned back room dealing come together to figure out who gets a single and who gets stuck with a guy who might be lovably referred to as Landfill. Many chapters do this without fanfare, but one in particular decided fanfare is exactly what it needs.

Maryland’s Kappa Alpha chapter held its room draft once again Monday night, and as usual, the results were more entertaining than watching Roger Goodell stand on a stage and drone on about league history in between shots of Johnny Manziel uncomfortably drinking water and wishing it was a can of Natty.

Motion to allow these guys to run the MLB and NHL drafts? I’d pay more attention if they did.

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