The NBA’s Newest Rookies With Some Highly Questionable Tweets Before They Became Famous

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Nice Move

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There’s little I love more than unfiltered opinions from athletes. In today’s world, when you’re a high-profile athlete, everything you say and do is put under a microscope of scrutiny. This leads to the PR-shielded world of professional sports getting extremely boring. It’s nice to see athletes telling us what they really think and feel. Need more of that these days.

So when a fellow writer, shitto, dug into the Twitter past of the rookies being drafted yesterday, I became elated. While these guys were happy at being drafted, Jake was retweeting their highly questionable tweets that are surprisingly still up today. The man took a deep dive and came up with pure gold.

Take a look:

Pelicans new guard Buddy Hield on Lipton tea.

Buddy Hield

Warriors new big man Damian Jones might be the weirdest of them all.

Damian Jones

Damion Jones 2

Damion Jones 3

Spurs new guard Dejounte Murray on his nightly plans of getting some butt.

Dejounte Murray 2

Dejounte Murray on why girls always have to talk about their daddy issues.

Dejounte murray 3

Dejounte Murray is wondering why there is a race gap in talent in the sport of basketball.

Dejounte Murray

Bulls new forward Denzel Valentine thinks Dwyane Wade is point shaving the NBA Finals.

Denzel Valentine 2

Denzel Valentine hates when skinny kids post shirtless selfies.

Denzel Valentine

Pistons new big man Henry Ellenson has an interesting taste in movies.

Henry Ellenson

Kings new guard Malachi Richardson on the importance of the prenup.

King Mali

Suns new forward Marquese Chriss thinks Melo looks like Hitler.

Marquis Chriss

Nuggets new guard Malik Beasley has a sister who doesn’t know history.


Grizzlies new guard Wade Baldwin thinks using the Heat in 2K is gay.

Wade Baldwin

No way these tweets are still up by next week. Their new PR person will be all over it. Tweets may not last, but screenshots always will.

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