The New Bill Burr Cartoon Coming To Netflix Looks Awesome

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Nice Move

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I’m a huge fan of the feminism/PC culture-bashing comic, Bill Burr. I’m also a huge fan of raunchy cartoons. So, naturally, I’m pretty pumped for his new cartoon, “F is For Family,” coming to Netflix on December 18.

Burr voices a middle-aged, middle-income father who raises a family in early 1970s suburbia. His alcoholism is blatant. His parenting tactics are questionable. He’s the hero modern television needs.

The show will undoubtedly play to the tune of Burr’s standup, which mocks the everybody-gets-a-trophy, special-snowflake mentality the world is adopting more rapidly than ever before. Judging by the trailer, it appears to go directly against the grain of modern social sensibilities — like when his young daughter comes up to him pretending to be a vampire astronaut.

“There’s no girl astronauts — or vampires,” he says.

“Women will be astronauts in the future, sweetie,” the wife says.

“Sue, why do you lie to the girl?”

I can already feel the heat coming off of BuzzFeed and Elite Daily. They’ll say, “If we joke about these things, soon men will adopt female subordination as the norm.” No, we won’t. You need to lighten the fuck up. People like you are why this type of humor is needed right now. Props to Bill Burr for making strides to bring it to the forefront.


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