The New TFM App Is Real, And It’s Spectacular

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Nice Move

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You asked for it, and you got it. The old TFM app has officially been put out to pasture, along with its slow loading, constant freezing, and $1.99 price tag. The new one hit the App Store last night. It’s real, it’s spectacular, and maybe best of all, it’s FREE.

The greatest college and Greek life entertainment website on the planet just became that much easier to access. You’ll notice right away that the app is user friendly, quick-loading, and smooooooth.

Download the new TFM App for FREE


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Sharing content is now easier, commenting on posts is now easier, and the pull-down graphic to load new content is the iconic TFM sailboat that actually sails. Download it now and take it out on the open water.

Download the new TFM App for FREE


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