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Nice Move

There’s a pretty compelling story coming out of Phoenix today. It involves an elderly woman in the fight of her life against a would-be purse thief. In a world that grows crazier by the day, I’m happy to report that, on this occasion, the good guys put one in the win column.

Words alone cannot do justice to this captivating tale of bravery. Therefore, I’ve provided a photograph or two to help better illustrate Mrs. Victoria “McGruff the Crime Dog” Lansing’s display of courage.

Newly released video shows a 71-year-old woman fighting off a would-be purse snatcher who attacked her outside a grocery store in Phoenix.

“All of a sudden, I felt the strap being pulled,” Victoria Lansing told the Daily News. “I looked up, and he and I were face-to-face.”

The attempted robbery took place back in September, but authorities only recently released the surveillance clip in the hopes that the public could identify the attacker.

In the clip, the young man jumps out from behind a column and grabs Lansing’s purse.

Both struggle to keep hold of the handbag, launching into a fierce tug-of-war that knocks the brave woman to the ground.

“All of a sudden, he realized I wasn’t about to give up, so he let go and took off running,” said Lansing, who suffered several cuts and bruises. “He looked back for a second and just smiled.”

Authorities fear that the thwarted thief will soon strike again.The man is described as a white male between 18 and 25 who is, at most, 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Lansing said she remains on the lookout.

“I’ve been watching for him in case he shows up again,” she added. “I’d really like to see him get caught.”

Sad world we live in.



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Nice Move


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    We all know how to use google images retard. could you actually provide something of value to us. i know it’s hard when MSU promised you something of value and you got nothing in return but keep us educated folks in mind

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