The Official “Yacht Week 2013” Trailer Has Been Released

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Nice Move

After years of watching their incredible teaser videos, and repeatedly attempting to sell my soul to the devil in exchange for an opportunity to participate, I was starting to get really pissed that I haven’t been on “Yacht Week.”

You might be asking, “What is Yacht Week?” Well, I used to think it was a bunch of ecstasy-addicted European runway models jamming EDM on sailboats in exotic locations, and giving out blowjobs like candy. After doing a little research, it turns out it’s nothing like that. According to their website the experience is relatively affordable, and the entire thing focuses on learning how to sail. Fucking weak.

This is why you should never research anything, ever. Fantasy is better than reality. What if I had shown up for Yacht Week ready to rage with a quarter-ounce of blow and a titanium hard-on, and some Aussie clown captain emerged from the boat telling me to “tow the line” or some nonsense? I would have murdered him in cold blood.

Their videos are still awesome though. Here’s the official Yacht Week 2013 trailer, followed by a couple of their other teasers:


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