The Oklahoma Sooners Were Easily The Best College Sports Team In 2015-16

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Nice Move


The Oklahoma Sooners are your 2015-16 sports champions and they crushed the competition. It’s not even close. The Sooners made their way into the College Football Playoff and also had a Final Four berth, a softball national championship and a gymnastics championship (which no one cares about and they didn’t even need to have in order to be the best). Yeah, sorry Alabama, that natty you guys got in football wasn’t enough to put you on top.

CBS Sports rated every FBS program in the three major sports — football, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball — plus two “wild card” sports, where they picked the best performing team from baseball, men’s lacrosse, men’s ice hockey, men’s soccer, men’s volleyball, men’s gymnastics, wrestling, women’s lacrosse, women’s ice hockey, women’s soccer, women’s volleyball or women’s gymnastics. Football received 2.5X as many points than the other sports, while men’s basketball received twice as many points.

Here are the top 10 athletic programs from the last year:

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 12.02.40 PM

There are really only two sports that matter here when we are talking athletic supremacy: football and men’s basketball. Even taking that into account, the Sooners are still on top. So, congrats Oklahoma, you can talk shit to every other school in the nation by saying you have the best athletics. Be sure not to confuse athletics with words like “best football team” or “best baseball team,” though, because that’ll get you in trouble.

For the record, SMU beat UCF. I only say this because our own Dan Regester has gone on record saying that the UCF Knights are going to be at least a 9-win football team this fall. Quite the turnaround for a team that didn’t win a single game last year. Yes, I am betting money with him on this.

[via CBS Sports]

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