The Ol’ Anchorman Teleprompter Prank Claims Another Victim

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Nice Move

Do you know a perpetual prankster? Maybe a roommate or a coworker that’s always trying pull one over on you or your peers for a cheap laugh, but really he’s just annoying and you secretly want to drug him so he passes out, so you can then wheel him in his office chair into oncoming traffic?

Well, Karl Stefanovic of Australia’s Nine Network, while a prankster/jokester, is the complete opposite of that guy. Simply put, he’s awesome. Really, the dude even has his own highlight reel. You can never be too comfortable when ol’ Karl’s in the building, and the weird thing is, you love him for it.

Karl recently struck again by way of the Anchorman teleprompter trick. Some Australian fox — whom I assume Karl had his way with in the office break room soon after — was reading from the teleprompter and came upon a line about the “special” cookies in Amsterdam. She read it aloud, and the news set became a shit show. Fuckin’ Karl.

Watch the video:

Flawless execution. You got another one, Karl.

[via Reddit]



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