The Patriots’ Super Bowl Victory Parade Called For A Heavy Chance Of Gronk

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Nice Move

The greatest Gronk quality, and there are many, lies in his approach to each day. The female reporter in the first Vine below states it well (she’s quoting someone, actually). She says, “He’s never had a bad day.” It’s true. Each day is a party for Gronk. He applies the “dance like nobody’s watching” idiom to everything he does in his everyday life.

The guy lives every day with ferocity. It’s like he wakes up each morning on the first day of spring break–not day 4 when you’re worn down and nursing a cumulative hangover, but day 1, when all it takes is a simple dare to convince you to Teenwolf a beer on the beach. That’s him every day of his life. Gronk is stuck in spring break mode, and he’s got the world swinging from his hangdown.

In this clip, you can actually see Rob Gronkowski transforming into Gronk. After the gyrations end, it’s Gronk time.

The reporter is so shocked that he opened the beer with his teeth. But why? It would have been more surprising if he opened it the traditional way.

The Gronk spike fakeout followed by a vintage windmill Gronk spike.

Double windmill.

Fuck it, let’s throw some haymakers.

Gronk dancing.

We’ll end with a perfect Gronk video montage from Barstool.

Man crushing hard. No shame.

Image via Vine


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