The Restaurant With The Upside Down Penis For A Logo

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Nice Move

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Whoever the graphic designer is for this restaurant needs to be fired. The Market Place & Cafe in Arlington, Va., has a dick and a pair of balls as its logo. However, the restaurant just so happens to be in a neighborhood called Ballston, so I kind of get it. Is that the local logo? Maybe the designer isn’t a perv–he or she just has hometown pride. It’s also worth noting there is a little mustache at the tip, which adds some pizzazz to the upside down wiener. What’s even weirder about this situation is when the logo was designed, it obviously was approved by the owner. I guess he or she thought the logo would attract traffic. And that it has.

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I agree, someone got paid to do this? Did the restaurant hire that one kid who loves to draw dicks on his friends’ schoolwork when they aren’t looking? Seriously, whoever hired this “designer” needs a dock in his or her paycheck.

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Congrats. Instead of doing what most normal restaurants do to attract customers (have good food) these geniuses decided to skip the food and become the punching bag for an infinite amount of dick jokes.

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Yep, the restaurant’s food apparently sucks, too. My guess is that the person who designed the logo is also the chef. Come on, Market Place & Cafe. We get that you’re a proud people and love living in a neighborhood called Ballston, but you should realize food comes first–not the logo. Dumbasses.

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