The RNC Doesn’t Want You Wearing Cargo Shorts To Their Event

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Nice Move


The RNC has taken a bold step to maintain basic standards of American decency by banning cargo shorts in the convention hall.

From Cleveland Scene:

The RNC kindly reminded journalists covering the convention this morning that the dress code exists for a reason, probably because many of us are just slobs and apparently jeans and sneakers were way too prevalent yesterday. Anyway, one thing of note to separate from the pack of khakis and polos and button ups: Cargo shorts are a no-go.

They say dress for success, so you can’t knock this move. Cargos just are a slap in the face to the fashion scene. There’s a reason they made it all the way to the Final Four in the NF Bracket (vote now if you want to see them move on to the National Championship). Just a smart move to do ban them and their many pockets.

Of course people weren’t too happy about it. Some journalists are already getting triggered by this new ruling.

Rules are rules, man. Don’t hate the establishment for drawing the line at cargos.

I applaud the RNC for striking a blow against entitled nerd reporters carrying their liberal bias in sub-waist pouches. As everyone knows, more than two pockets on a man’s leg is an abomination against all that is good and holy.

[via Cleveland Scene]


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