The Russian Rich Kids Of Instagram Are Rubbing Their Lifestyles Right In Our Faces

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Nice Move

An Instagram account exists to showcase the ridiculous lifestyles of the rich kids of Russia. On it, you’ll see them flaunting their wealth in our faces — boarding private jets, wearing expensive watches, driving expensive cars, drinking expensive alcohol, and hanging out with hot (expensive?) girls. Yes, they are living better lives than all of us.

Putin doesn’t just pose with anybody. He’s only posing with the peeps who are rich as fuck. Side note: This dude had a few other pictures with some Russian higher ups. I really want to know what kind of shady shit he’s into.

She’s rich enough to be on a boat in Mauritius Island, but can’t afford a goddamn bikini that fits. It’s like nothing is even there. Normally I’d be okay with this, but that is someone’s rich daughter.

The thing about champagne is that I really can’t taste the difference once I’m on the verge of a blackout. Veuve, Korbel, and Andre all are going to one location for one purpose. Not trying to spend the most on alcohol just because I can.

No Rolex? NF.

Oh, you drive a Lamborghini Aventador? That’s cool. I drive a Jeep. Who’s really winning here?

I also discovered that Russia is full of filthy rich, super hot females.

Just a Plethora of talent. If any one of those girls is single and looking for an American hombre, I’m your man. It’ll be the best thirty to forty-five seconds of your life and you can shower me with expensive gifts.

I also liked the fact that this next photo was tagged in Phuket, Thailand.

10/10 would Phuket.

Last realization from this Instagram was me pondering how this kid snuck into the gang.

Sweet Camaro.


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