The Seattle Mariners Hazed Their Rookies With Some Incredible Costumes

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Nice Move


It’s a yearly tradition in Major League Baseball to haze the rookies. Some seasons are weak. All we see are coffee runs and pink bullpen backpacks. Other years produce some gold, and the Seattle Mariners help put the 2016 season firmly in that category.

We’re down to the final stretch of the regular season. The Mariners were playing on the road in Houston, and as the players came onto the field following the game, it was immediately obvious it wasn’t just another monotonous post-game show. Shuffling onto the field was a new crop of rookies, dressed in costumes carefully selected by their veteran overlords.

Rookie day

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Surely these costumes caused some serious mental harm to these men. Every loser that has been paid an ungodly amount of money to lecture me at fraternity conferences about the dangers of making kids dress up in hilarious costumes are likely having an aneurism as they watch such cheerful players survive such a heinous act of belittlement. It just can’t be. Do human beings actually have the mental fortitude to take a harmless joke? That would go against everything I’ve ever been taught.

So far it appears MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred will not call them into a standards hearing for the stunt. We’ll update this story should that change.

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