The Sorority Recruitment Video Drinking Game

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Nice Move

university_of_alabama_alpha_phi_2015_videoDrink Every Time

  • You see glitter.
  • A cliché EDM song starts playing.
  • Girls are shown “getting ready” even though their makeup is already on.
  • The girls are shown waving at the front steps of their house.
  • A Girl “Throws What They Know.”
  • A girl blows bubbles towards the camera.
  • Girls awkwardly fake laugh in a circle.
  • The entire sorority starts running for no particular reason.
  • Two girls hug.
  • A girl busts out her shitty dance moves.
  • You see a pair of oversized sunglasses.
  • You see a flower.
  • The girls all wear high-waisted shorts.
  • You see their letters.
  • You see a Lilly Pulitzer dress.

Take A Gulp Every Time

  • You spot a girl that is clearly not on the face team.
  • You see a redhead.
  • They use aerial drone footage.
  • The girls run onto their stadium field.
  • Girls start holding hands.
  • You see a “peace” sign.
  • Four girls lay on the ground in a cross formation.
  • Someone gets a piggyback ride.
  • Girls take a selfie.
  • The girls wear their school colors.
  • They let balloons float away.
  • They dance in front of a fountain.
  • Slow motion is used.

Finish Your Drink When

  • You spot a girl eye-fucking one of her sisters.
  • Glitter gets in a girl’s eye.
  • A girl eats a popsicle.
  • A girl falls on her ass.
  • You see a one-piece bathing suit.
  • The camera shows four or more asses in a row.
  • Slow motion is used while the girls are wearing bikinis.

Take A Shot When

  • The girls start making out.
  • The video has a scene in the library.
  • A blonde winks at the camera.
  • A girl does the “Nae Nae.”
  • You catch a nip slip.
  • You spot a girl you’ve had sex with.

Drink Everything In Sight When

  • A butthurt article comes out about how the video sets back women’s rights.
  • You realize you’re actually watching a lesbian porn scene.


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