The Super Bowl Grounds Crew Painted The Broncos Logo In The Panthers End Zone

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Nice Move

You had one job!

Levi’s Stadium, the home of this Sunday’s Super Bowl, recently played host to an absurdly preventable mistake that occurred with regard to the decorative paint in the Panthers end zone.

Great going, guys. You didn’t listen to what I assume were clear instructions, then managed to be on the losing side of the 50-50 chance you gave yourself. Against all odds, you still fucked up. That’s impressive. Apparently, the grounds crew at the Super Bowl is even less competent at drawing something not terrible than a Mizzou student with a piece of poo in his hand.

Levi’s Stadium made sure to correct the issue before Cam could roll in and dab those sorry motherfuckers into oblivion.

I’m 100% convinced that this is all some sort of elaborate marketing ploy. It’s way too similar to the old “Chefs” Snickers commercial to just be a plain, stupid accident.

“Hey that’s great… but who are the Broncos?” — a senile and lost Peyton Manning who isn’t attempting to copy the commercial, but rather is legitimately in need of some help.

Great googley moogley, Levi’s Stadium.

Forget the Super Bowl, though. Check out the story of the greatest, drunkest game ever played — The Blitzed Bowl:

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