The TFM App Is Now Available For Android

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Nice Move

Ask and you shall receive.

We’ve had our app guy locked in the hazement for weeks, but it finally paid off. No longer is the newly redesigned TFM App only available for iPhone users. Finally, you can browse pages upon pages of Frat Smut™ on your Samsung Nexus Galaxy One X (or whatever the hell they’re naming Android phones these days).

With the free TFM App available on nearly all modern cell phones, there’s no excuse to ever pay attention in class again. Why crush candy or shuffle a grid of numbers around when you can see Fail Friday, Rush Boobs, and the infamous TFM Photo Section on demand?

So, what are you waiting for? Click the link below (or click here) to get the TFM App for FREE on your Android device, and thank us later. Or tear us apart in the comments section like you normally would. That works, too.

Android app on Google Play


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