The Top 24 Rush Boobs of 2012

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Nice Move

I’m back assholes, and I come bearing tits.

Yeah, so I’m a little late putting this list together, but I play by my own rules. I don’t care if you have complaints. If you have a problem with it, post your address in the comments and I’ll come fight you. Also, if you disagree with my list, post your phone number below. I’ll call you and explain why your opinion is worth a pile of shit to me.

This is my list of the top 25 rush boob photos of 2012:


I spy areola. So here’s some nip action to kick things off.


Now here’s something I can get behind.


American made.


I want to say the writing part is photoshopped here. They’re still some nice kumquats, though.


These may be ranked too low, but I’m not changing shit for you assholes.


Fighting gravity.


I’m a naturals kinda guy, but I’ll toss around some fakes, too.


High and tight. And married apparently.


Size alone gets her in here. Must suck to lug those things around.


Nice penmanship.

The Smutster occasionally writes about attractive women on Total Frat Move. He's a tit man, but he likes ass, too. Don't follow him on Twitter. He doesn't even have an account, so you really couldn't if you wanted to anyway.

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    That thing will take the hair off a dolphin’s chest, and look here, have you ever looked at a dolphin’s chest – hey, that boy’s got fine chest hair.

    ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 3 years ago

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