The World Needs To See This Creepy Music Video That Includes Alabama Alpha Phi’s Rush Video

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Nice Move


Who could forget the 2015 Alabama Alpha Phi recruitment video? It was so hot that it sparked a national controversy that even GDIs argued against. Well, it’s back all over the internet, only this time for something really weird.

Stop Light Observations decided to use their video in the “Security” music video. And it’s really strange.

Are we now using too hot and too white girls to push some subliminal messaging? Fuck. My brain is rattled after watching that. Not a terrible song and watching the Alabama Alpha Phis is always fun, but what was happening in the middle? My brain was feeling one way and then boom out of nowhere it just hits you and before you can comprehend what’s going on, it’s back to the Alpha Phis. It was a roller coaster of emotions.

Shit. I think I need to take the rest of the day off to recover.


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