The World’s First Penis Transplant Was A Success

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Nice Move


Forget protection, abstinence, and whatever other bullshit sex education courses advocate these days. Starting today, it is completely acceptable to shove your meat in places and things never before thought habitable. The consequences of such actions have become negligible thanks to a crew of South African doctors that just performed the world’s first successful penis transplant.

The nine-hour surgery occurred last December in Cape Town, South Africa, and doctors recently declared it a resounding success.

From BBC:

The team used some of the techniques that had been developed to perform the first face transplants in order to connect the tiny blood vessels and nerves.

The operation took place on 11 December last year. Three months later doctors say the recovery has been rapid.

Full sensation has not returned and doctors suggest this could take two years.

It is truly an incredible time to be alive. We literally just gave a man a new dick. The ultimate symbol of manhood has been restored. Better yet, doctors say the best part of owning a penis has returned to transplant patient.

However, the man is able to pass urine, have an erection, orgasm and ejaculate.


Always remember, men, there is never a reason to tell her no. They can always just sew another on another one.

[via BBC]

Image via Niyazz/Shutterstock


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