There’s A Guy Biking Around FIU Grabbing Girls’ Asses

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Nice Move

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There are creepy people at every college. Florida International University is no exception to the rule. One guy (read: virgin) is riding around campus on a bike and grabbing the asses of girls as he passes by. He made his first appearance way back in June and has since reappeared in the last few days. He has struck a reported four times, twice in the summer and twice this past weekend.

FIU sent out the following email:

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Fortunately, there have been no reports of the victims being physically harmed by the suspect. There is no description on the suspect, either. If you have any information on the ass-grabber, contact the FIU police at (305) 348-2626 or through their website.

Sometimes when you see a nice ass, you really just have to get a handful. However, it’s generally a good idea to get to know the lady before going in for the ass grab so you don’t become that creepy guy. Perfecting the art of tuning out a girl really helps speed up the process of getting to know her.

[via Miami Herald]

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