There’s A Guy Loose On The Texas State Campus Showing People His Junk

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Nice Move

Beware, female students of Texas State University. There is currently a pervert on the loose, driving around and showing his business to young ladies walking around campus. He’s asking them to approach his four-door sedan, assumedly to ask for directions or something, then WHAM! — he pulls out his dick and balls before driving off.


A flasher is on the loose at Texas State University in San Marcos. In four days, University police received two reports of a man exposing himself on campus.

Detectives said on both occasions, the suspect approached a female student walking on a sidewalk and asked her to come to the car. When the female reached the vehicle, that’s when police say he exposed himself.

I don’t get this move at all. How is it a thing that some dudes are out there showing girls their hangdowns before quickly fleeing the scene? And for pleasure? Makes no sense and even seems a little counterintuitive, like “Hey, check this thing out! Too bad you’re never gonna touch it because I’m outta here!” I just can’t believe someone would intentionally let a girl see his crank when there is no sexual contact involved.

Amazingly, campus wiener flashing isn’t a new problem for Texas State. This is actually the third occurrence in the last year.

Two flashers have been reported on Texas State campus within the last 12 months. Captain Benitez said his team arrested both of them. Now, he’s expecting the same result.

“That’s one thing we pride ourselves on,” he said. “To find these individuals and get them off the streets.”

The problem is so bad there that the police captain prides his department on arresting dick flashers. Eat ’em up, Cats!

[via KEYE TV]



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