There’s A New Social Media Site That Doesn’t Allow You To Post Anything “Sinful”

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Nice Move

Facegloria Is A 'Sin-Free' Social Media Site, Not Porn

If you’re trying to create a “sin-free” site similar to Facebook, naming it something that I more often search for on PornHub than Google isn’t a great idea.

Brazilian website Facegloria (a.k.a. Faceglory in English) is a Facebook-esque social media site for Evangelical Christians, and it’s supposedly off to a hot start with 100,000 members in about month.

There’s a list of 600 words forbidden on the site. Posts about porn, violence, and homosexuality are also banned.

From Telegraph:

More than 20 volunteers patrol online to weed out bad language and to decide whether or not to allow potentially risqué selfies and bikini shots. Even pictures showing tobacco and alcohol get scrutinised for possible removal,”

Uhhh, I think you guys are missing the boat on what makes Facebook so popular.

[via Telegraph]

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