These Are The Best College Football Teams In Every State, According To CBS Sports

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Best College Football Teams

Apparently, CBS assumes most of its readership is illiterate. They posted a map detailing the best college football team in each American state, because of course we can’t just read the fucking rankings. I guess for those of you living in football powerhouse states like Hawaii and Wyoming it’s good to know the Warriors and Cowboys are the best in state, since there’s no hope of them ever being ranked. Oh, and they’re the only division one teams, anyway.

Here they are, via CBS Sports:


Some highlights:

• Penn State is no longer the best team in the state of Pennsylvania, which is hilarious.

• Somewhere a wholly irrational Auburn fan is wondering how the fuck the Crimson Tide are ranked best in the state of Alabama.

• Mark Dantonio is about to play the “disrespect” card more than a gambling addict in an Indian casino.

• I don’t understand how TCU is better than Houston, but not surprisingly the non-Power 5 team gets absolutely no respect.

• The State of New York, with the fourth highest population in the United States, HAS to develop a better pinnacle of football success than 2016 Syracuse.

Most of all: two weeks from Thursday, it all begins. Fuck yes.

[via CBS Sports]

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