These Are The Best Universities For Tailgating, Rush Week, And Partying

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These Are The Best Universities For Tailgating, Rush Week, And Partying

Students for years have been debating over whose school is better. It’s a never-ending dick measuring contest over which school parties the hardest, has the best tailgates, or the best Greek scene. I’ve actually done a lot of my own research on these subjects.

However, I decided to sit this one out so Tilt could tell you which schools do it best. Tilt, an app that Greeks across the nation are using to send money to each other, decided to do a little digging into the stats. They wanted to see who, exactly, has the best tailgating, rush week, and party scene. How did they come up with this? By figuring out which schools spent the most on these things.

Here are the results:

Top Tailgating Schools


Top Rush Week Schools


Top Party Schools


I actually have no qualms with the tailgating list. It seems pretty accurate to me for the top few schools. The Grove is no doubt the best tailgate you’ll ever go to. The rush week rankings include a bunch of schools that do Greek life well, too, so I have no issue there. I would like all of us to take a second to laugh at North Texas for making the party school list.

So, remember kids, in order to rage harder than the rest of the nation, you gotta open up that wallet and toss some cash around.

Claiming you’re number one because you spent the most. TFM.

[via Tilt]


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