These Hammered College Kids Are Incredibly Passionate About Harambe

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Nice Move

When it comes to carrying on the legacy of Harambe, Twitter user Ryan Iwerks cares. He cares so much that he went around an outdoor day rager sticking his camera in hammered kids’ faces, demanding they voice their support for the late gorilla:

“In His name, thou shalt dumpeth thine tits out and whippeth thine dicks out…” (Haram 12:12).

I don’t know where these kids are or where they go to school, but they can get down. Most of them are too fucked up to make words and I’m loving every second of it.

Truly inspirational. Despite the severe sunburn, despite the shot voice boxes, these good people still shouted praise for Harambe (blessed be His name) and the need to expose genitalia in His honor.

“Dickss oww forrr harambxhgvbababe!”

“Tips out for… that fucking gorilla.”


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