These Maps Show The Popularity Of Cuss Words In Each State

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Ever wonder where your cuss word usage falls in relation to your peers? I know I have. I probably average a cuss word every 5 sentences, and that average lowers to every 3.46 sentences if you count the word “doodoopuss” as a cuss word. Having a mouth and shoes like a sailor. It’s a TFM.

Using information from Twitter, Linguistics Researcher Jack Grieve has created geographical graphs that demonstrate the popularity of cuss words in the United States by region. Let’s check some of them out.


“Shit” is incredibly popular on the gulf and east coasts, except for the area surrounding Gainesville. I assume they shy away from using the word because it reminds them too much of their football team.


This one is pretty interesting. “Fuck” is huge around the coasts but hated in the center of the country. While I’m not surprised that the entire state of Massachusetts is a high fuck zone, I’m pretty astounded that West Virginia is not. Would’ve expected “Get me the FUCK out of here!” and “Hey cousin, wanna fuck?” to really drive up that number count.


I assume “motherfucker” is big on the border from Pulp Fiction-fan patrolmen asking illegal immigrants “English, motherfucker – do you speak it?”


“Bitch” looks like “shit.” Coincidentally, if I added “your” before that last sentence I would probably get murdered in the deep orange zone.


This map tells me that the northeast as a whole knows what a lot of northeasterners are.


The south just really loves to cuss.

[via Jack Grieve’s Research Blog]

Images via Jack Grieve’s Research Blog


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