These New NCAA Football Helmet Concept Designs Are Sexy AF (Photos)

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Nice Move

The month of February is pretty terrible when it comes to sports. Once the Super Bowl is over, football is done until September, and we are left with basketball and hockey to get us to April when baseball season starts again. Needless to say, there is a void left in our sports hearts. Why not fill that void with some cool, new helmet designs?

Graphic designer Dylan Young, also known as “Deeyung,” has been making concept helmets for a while now. He’s pretty famous for mocking cool helmet designs for both NFL and NCAA teams. In the past week, he’s dropped some new designs on his “Fresh Football Helmets” Instagram.

That last one is San Diego State, by the way. It was also my favorite design.

Now, these are just designs and will never actually see the light of day. However, these babies would look pretty cool on the gridiron this fall. Having some badass uniforms is part of the battle when it comes to drawing in the nation’s top recruits, after all. Although Oregon may have already started using these as inspiration for their 400th uniform design.

[via Instagram/@freshfootballhelmets]


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