These Terrible Arizona State IM Basketball Airballs Are More Entertaining Than The Oscars

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Nice Move

We’ve been covering the Arizona State Intramurals Twitter account (@ASU_Intramurals) as they’ve been gloriously live-tweeting Greek league basketball games this season. Hit them with a follow if you haven’t yet — you won’t be disappointed.

My favorite parts of these live-tweets, by far, have been when the account puts players on blast after they toss up airballs. So I decided to compile all of the airball videos for y’all. You’re welcome. In lieu of appreciative comments, please send me money on Venmo.

As an added bonus, here are some bricks…

and just some flat-out terrible basketball.

Intramural basketball: the pinnacle of athleticism.

[via @ASU_Intramurals]

Image via @ASU_Intramurals


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