This 1969 Anti-LSD Educational Video Makes LSD Look Fun

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Nice Move

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The ’60s were quite the time to be alive. No one judged you for having pre-marital sex or partaking in hard drugs. They also gave us some extremely poorly produced videos trying to get those darn kids to stop doing drugs. Take, for instance, this anti-LSD educational video from 1969. It’s hilarious.

You know this educational video is bullshit because she starts off by saying she was all jacked up on marijuana. Was her shit laced with mounds and mounds of cocaine? You’re telling me that murdering a talking hot dog is going to stop people from tripping on acid? Hell, that girl did that hot dog a favor. He had seven kids and a wife to support. SEVEN. Hot dog was deep in debt, no doubt.

So this video is supposed to turn me off from LSD, but after watching it, I kinda need to trip balls now.


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