This “30 For 30” Short On President Bush’s First Pitch After 9/11 Will Gut Punch You Right In The Feels

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Nice Move

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If there’s one thing ESPN does right, it’s the “30 For 30” series. They honestly could make a documentary on the equipment manager of a Canadian semi-pro curling team captivating, can’t miss television. So jerking your emotions with a story based around September 11th was less challenging than making J.J. Watt come across as a complete cheesedick.

Now this video is twenty-four minutes long, but it’s more than likely the best half hour you’ll spend all day.

I don’t care what party you affiliate with, there’s no denying President Bush is the absolute man. Forget politics, if there’s one person you’d want to sit down with to drink brews and talk baseball, it’s W.


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