This Email Exchange Between A Drunk Student And His Professor Is What College Is All About

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As a loyal attendee of class on syllabus day (and I know that makes me unique around here with all you “party-hardies” and “frat stars”), very few things irritate me more than a professor who demands we use email etiquette in our correspondence with them.

“If you don’t use professionalism in your emails, I won’t respond,” says the 26-year-old adjunct political science professor. “Please refer to me as ‘Professor’ or ‘Doctor’ and do not forget your salutations.”

Smarmy, self-absorbed professors are one of the most obnoxious aspects of college, so it was refreshing when I read the following email exchange between this clearly drunk student and his cool-as-hell professor:

Email copy

A bold email to send, for sure. By the way, what the hell does “good fuckn yard” mean? Is that an autocorrect from something else? Either way, his professor, who clearly has a solid sense of humor, gladly replied:

Email 2

This is what college is all about. Having weird interactions with your professors while you learn how to balance the freedom of going out on a week night and getting your classwork done is all part of the experience. Having a professor like this guy isn’t always an option either, as some would be incredibly offended at this email and forward it to the dean. Not this bald-headed professor, though. He understands that boys will be boys, and even extends the due date on this kid’s paper.

Good fucking yard, professor. Good fucking yard.

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